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From Isko Laga dala toh #lifeJhingalala to #PyaarJingalala. Tata Sky has brilliantly succeeded in making one of the sweetest ad campaigns…

In the age that we live in, one thing that spreads faster than a wild forest fire is a ‘Viral Video’. These videos escalate at rapid speed and the viewers are spread all across the globe. An awesome video is one which has a great story to tell and hits the right cord of the audience.

Tata Sky has beautifully taken its tagline #LifeJhingalala to a next level as #PyarJingalala with videos which are part of our day to day life.
1. Long distance relationship is so short – Learn English via Actve English

2. Choti Choti khushiyan while taking a walk with your partner – Daily Recharge

3. Age is just a number – Stay Fit with Actv Fitness

4. Make your day special with Tata Sky on Demand

5. Happiness is watching the man of your life cooking for you – Learn via Actve Cooking

6. A Horror Movie = A Real Romantic movie

7. Memories are recorded so that you can watch again & again..

8. Let music be the voice – Remote on Mobile


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