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Keeping healthy and fit is a task in this modern era of fast food that reaches you faster than an ambulance! Maintaining health is a dynamic process that keeps on changing with a change in lifestyle or age or even while one is sick. It is never too late to start working towards a healthy and rewarding fitness that benefits your body in many ways. Keeping fit helps in keeping away from hypertension, relieves stress, increases bone density, and also reduces the risk of early deaths.

Keeping healthy and fit directly affects the wellbeing of social, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and helps in an enhanced quality of life. The popular work culture of 9-5 jobs is taking a toll on everyone’s health where desk job is highly limited to sitting for hours together. This lack of physical activity is dangerous and can result in high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and obesity. With researches happening now and then it is evident that a sedentary work lifestyle is more dangerous and deadly than smoking. Keeping fit and moving is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

Excuses are another deadly connotations used by the people who wish to keep health on the back seat. Progressing in the career, raising a family, or focussing on the children for their studies should be taken as a responsibility but not as an excuse to not lead a healthy life. Starting with physical activity even with a small and reasonable goal can slowly help one, build endurance.

But I overtook the challenge to stay healthy and started from the simple walk for an hour in the beginning and then started moving ahead with brisk walking and then eventually have started running which is really helping me keep fit and attaining a healthy lifestyle. Walking helps in improved metabolic rate, improved joint strength, and the whole body posture. To attain effective work-life and health balance, I wanted to take my diet to a serious health ingredient-based to keep motivated in losing weight and keeping fit. To motivate myself I took to invest my time and money into this amazing activity tracker from Garmin that has been reminding me to move more and miss less since then. This activity tracker displays steps you walk, the calories burnt, the distance covered and the time of the day as well. The most amazing feature in this fitness gear is the auto goal setting feature that keeps you up and challenged to complete the goals set.

Keeping fit can help motivate your kids to maintain a healthy lifestyle, help in maintaining weight, and keep away from deadly diseases. Counting steps and keeping a check on the number of calories lost also acts as a great motivation for losing weight and keeping fit. Every proceeding step induces an urge to run and setting up a goal and running towards it to achieve the goal can help in weight management. Fitness wearables from Garmin are great in activity tracking that can be worn by people of all ages.

With one button-pushing process, setting up these pedometers is not a difficult task and takes you on a wonderful journey of losing weight and keeping fit. Eat well, Sleep more, and Keep Healthy!

“ If you don’t make time for exercise, you’ll probably have to make time for Illness” – Robin Sharma

Thank You Garmin India for your motivation!!

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