Here is the list of achievements I earned in the course of my career and I also got featured in a Daily Newspaper for sharing my views on Digital Marketing.

  1. Awarded as the “Champion of the Floor” while working with Strategic Marketing Services in Bangalore

2. Created a website with the name SWEKSHA which helped people find the list of NGOs in their nearby areas.

3. Helped an acid attacked victim with the help of a Facebook page.

4. Got featured in the Daily Newspaper

5. My views on “Social Media is the Key Element for brands” got featured in a Hindi Daily

6. Shared my views on Role of Social Media in Good Governance @ UP Reforms in Governance Summit 2016

7. Took a session on Social Media for Social Change for the NGOs of Delhi

8. Invited as a keynote speaker by @joshtalkslive and @facebook India. Great experience conducting a workshop & shared my experience with students of #Entrepreneurship Cell – Daulat Ram College, Delhi. #StartAb 10-Jan’19

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About Me

Co-Founder and Social Media Strategist. Startup I Gadgets I Travel I Never Sleeps I Full of Beans.