Vivek Banka

- Always Full of Beans...

He is a seasoned digital marketing strategist with over a decade of experience in the industry. As a Co-Founder and Social Media Strategist, he has a passion for startups, travel, and innovation. Vivek excels in coaching, brand building, and personal branding consulting for agencies and leaders. His commitment to continuous learning is evident through his avid reading and YouTube learning habits. Additionally, he is a sports enthusiast who brings energy and a proactive approach to all his professional endeavors.

I can help you with

Social Media

Expertise in developing and executing effective social media strategies to enhance brand visibility and engagement. Proficient in leveraging various platforms to create compelling content and foster community growth.


Providing personalized coaching to individuals and teams, focusing on skill development, strategic planning, and achieving personal and professional goals. Tailored sessions to empower and inspire growth.


Offering consultancy services to businesses and leaders, specializing in brand building, digital marketing, and personal branding. Delivering actionable insights and strategies to drive success and innovation.

Brands I've worked with

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