Business & Instagram – The Do’s & Don’ts

Click – Hashtag – Post – Repeat! Instagram, one of today’s most iconic networks where you can share not just images but also experiences. All you need to do is share images and videos with trending hashtags and let the world follow your account.

However, if you are planning on social media marketing and wish to enhance your business reach through Instagram there are certain norms you need to keep in mind. Your business needs to have an account that grows organically. Given below are few tactics that will help you boost your business and make you illustrious through Instagram.


Regularized Posts: 

If you are opting Instagram for social media marketing, you need to understand that it calls for dedication. Make scheduled postings with minimum of three to four posts a week. This will keep your business highlighted and make it visible and thus, gather you followers.

Highlight Identity:

If you have a link to your line of business, implement it on your bio. Post it on the space that Instagram has already provided and make good use of it. This helps in promoting specific posts and will also let people reach you direct. You can also have the link leading to your website, landing page along with call to action contact details. So post it and generate traffic.

Be Responsive:

If you want people to follow your account, being introvert will definitely not help. Be interactive, have queries and engage people. Get into conversations and never forget to put hashtags. People might take time to respond, but do not get disheartened. The online population is quite huge. So, chill and keep posting!

Have Your Own Signature Style:

You need to have a strong identity. This will help people remember you and your brand amidst hundreds of cluttered feeds. This, however, evolves with time and of course your dedication.

Have A Plan:

If you are really serious, you need to understand that your Instagram account is an annex of your brand. Thus, you need to pre-plan all your posts and avoid unnecessary muddle. Choose your pictures and post with your signature style edits.

Relevant Hashtags:

The most important part on Instagram is Hashtags. They are used for searching. Therefore, make sure your brand has all the important and relevant hashtags with the posts. Understand who your target audiences are and how they might be looking out for your content. You can post a maximum of 30 hashtags, so use them wisely.

What’s Behind The Scene:

You don’t want your account to look like a boring business, right? So, let your audience have a glimpse of your workshop. Have humour added to it and take them to places where they would otherwise never be aware of. Behind the scene posts grabs attention as the audience is always eager to know more of everything.

Account Analyzing:

Always keep a track of your account, the number of followers, the likes and also the comments. It has been speculated that Instagram would soon have a built in analytics. However, till then you can use other analytic tools to keep a track of your every post.


Never Over Post:

Annoying your followers with too many posts is not a very good idea. The best is to keep one to three posts a day depending on the type of business.

Follow Bots & Auto-Commenter:

Avoid looking like a spam. The auto comments that are generic are not very attractive to look at and are also annoying at times. Do not forget, your followers along with the wide number of internet users are social media savvies. Thus, avoid being blocked act professional.

Irrelevant Content:

To make your account look completely professional you have to refrain from posting irrelevant posts. Always have brand-centric posts, or posts that your followers can relate to. Make your posts engaging in order to gain attention, but avoid unnecessary postings as it might end up annoying your existing followers.

Therefore, referring to the aforementioned ways, you can have your Instagram account to reach out to your target audiences spread across the globe. Highlight your brand or business with unique, innovative and interactive posts and get instant business through Instagram!

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