Are you sure, You’re Married?

Getting ready for your wedding? 

Flowers in place, invites sent out, menus decided?

Grilled your tailor to make the perfect first copy of Deepika Padukone’s Sabya Sachi lehenga?

And photographer? What do you mean ‘Chintu photos lelega?’

What’s the point of getting married if you’re not going to post it- if the world won’t see it?

And what about your pre-wedding photoshoot? 

Accha chalo, pre-wedding nahi toh engagement photos?

First date? Second date? Valentine’s day?

Kuch bhi nahi? Are you guys even together?

Is this wedding even happening?


The grand announcement of your wedding on social media seems to be more important than the actual event. Photos taken during your wedding are now more important than the wedding itself!

There is no denying the fact that social media has changed the way we interact, date and get married.

Social media sites, like Facebook and Instagram, allow us to not only tell the world about ourselves, but also to tell the world about our most intimate relationships.


It is apparently visible how social media has been an integral part of marriage and has completely transformed its outlook.


Remember times of still cameras, where you would have to wait to develop a photo?
Now, 5 minutes into the wedding, the bride and groom have enough photos to last them a lifetime. #TogetherForever #BhaiyaBhabhi #NewBhabhi #ShaadiShoesChallenge!


10 minutes into the wedding, both dulha-dulhan have updated their Facebook Relationship Status, messages of congratulations flood in from guests sitting 2 meters away from the happy couple on their wedding mandap.


Before the pheras event begin, there are over 300 comments and 500 likes on Facebook and 400 posts on the #WeddingHastag on Instagram. Love is in the air but virtual ‘likes’ have put love in the backseat.


Earlier Promises and vows were based on life lessons and If one were to modernize the vows they would definitely have to include –


I promise to tag you in all the funny memes

I promise to not see any Netflix show without you.

I promise to be the first one to like your Instagram pictures.

I promise to not complain, when asked to take pictures.


Is it really about 2 people getting married or about 2 social accounts getting hooked 

Social media can even change the way romantic relationships are established and maintained. Offline public display of affection (PDA) takes the form of holding hands or exchanging hugs. Affection displayed online on the other hand, known as public display of commitment is shown by liking pictures, posts or sharing inside jokes. Liking content is a virtual sign of approval. In addition, taking pictures of a significant other and posting them on social media shows commitment in front of other users. Ultimately, Changing the status online serves as an indication that the relationship is official. It is also seen as a way to prevent people from flirting with a partner. 


The hard truth is boast culture has made us so obsessed in narrating our lives online that we sometimes forget enjoying it.

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